" It was 69 and life was easy I could be who I wanted to be back in 69 It was 69 and I was in no hurry I never had a reason to worry back in 69." (1969 off the new cd "Psycho Acoustic Phenomenon.") John Lennon once said "Life is what happens to you when you're making other plans." Greydog is a fantastic experience that continues despite the obstacles life puts in the way. We are all in this for the pure love of the music and the joy of playing together.We truly believe in our hearts that there is a hunger for what Alan Freed called Rock and Roll. Music that is based on songwriting feel and fun. Nothing makes us as happy as when we are in the studio making music. We hope that comes through. We also know that there are millions of babyboomers like us who want to hear the kind of music we grew up on. With the spirit and energy of the Sixties. We continue to try and reach you.