In 1971, Alan Nathanson and Steve Schoenholz, were brought together by a record executive at his house in Woodland Hills, Ca. The meeting was an important one. Nathanson, who had recently moved from Detroit, Michigan, had left a blossoming music career with recording contracts and concert dates to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles. Schoenholz had recently moved back to Los Angeles after leaving Arizona State and a successful music career there opening for major concert acts like Jimi Hendrix and Jethro Tull. Wihtin a few short months, they had secured a publishing deal and a record deal with MGM. They were being touted as the next "Seal and Crofts" and had picks in the trades with "Best Newcomer" accolades. When the label folded, they were immediately signed as staff songwriters for Capitol Records' Beechwood Publishing and also recorded as artists for Capitol as "Nathanson and Schoenholz." One of the songs they wrote and recorded "Whatcha Gonna Do When The Rain Starts Falling" was recorded numerous times by many artists and went top 40 for the duo. Another song they wrote while at Beechwood was "Mary Go Lightly" by Al Martino that went top ten in England. Through the years they stayed in touch and although they both garnered their achievements, they never lost their love of music. Nathanson, performed as Chris Alan, had record deals with Cream Records and Epic in the 80's, and had numerous songs in movies and television. He was on the pilot that sold the hit show "Starsearch". It was also a thrill for Nathanson in 1998, to be asked to be in Adam Sandler's smash movie "The Wedding Singer." Schoenholz became a major force in the clothing industry and started his own company Tempted Apparel, one of the most successful manufacturers in the business. He continues with his charity work as well, sitting on the board of directors for Inner City Arts. In 1999, Nathanson and Schoenholz, never losing their dream of songwriting and recording, formed Greydog. They recruited legendary bass player George Bunnell from The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Their number 1 hit "Incense Peppermint", has been in both Austin Powers movies and continues to be a fixture on classic rock radio. Hammond organ wizard Skip Van Winkl from Bob Segar and studio session ace Jim Salisbury also joined in the fun.The result has been two critically acclaimed CD's "Midlife Crisis" and "New Tricks" and the just released third CD "Psycho Acoustic Phenomenon", their best yet. Greydog has been nominated for the Southern California Music Awards the last two years and continues to be "discovered." Whether in newspaper articles like the Daily News or on Time WARNER cable tv shows, GREYDOG KEEPS ON ROCKIN'.